The Reckless Few

Rock ‘n roll by Louis Emory, singer-songwriter and guitarist from Upstate New York.


Singer-songwriter and guitarist Louis Emory writes original rock ‘n roll with a small collective of Upstate New York musicians—The Reckless Few—fusing their individual sounds with his vision.

Emory’s songwriting is inspired by the “greats” – The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Band, The Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin and countless others. He’s been writing and recording original rock ‘n roll with a diverse family of local musicians for over 20 years.

Not a traditional band, the magic happens in the studio—as Emory’s songs are filtered through the creative lenses of bassist Kate Sgroi (Mirk), drummer Bob Boyer (New York Players), pianist Tim Lynch (Bicycle Mary), guitarist Matt Dobbs, and singer Georgia Jones, who adds killer backing vocals to select tracks.

The band’s debut EP, “New York Summer”, was released in 2019 and the “Sunshine and Love” single—written while floating in a boat on the Long Island Sound—was released in 2020.

Coming Soon

“Love Italy” EP

After traveling to Italy in 2017 and 2019, Emory’s next project—the “Love Italy” EP—is currently in production. With historical references woven into Americana-infused rock, this “love letter to Italy” will be released in 2022.


“Love Italy,” the next EP from The Reckless Few, is due to be released in 2022.
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Sunshine and Love Single by the Reckless Few - album artwork